Flexible, Flirty, Fluid

Flexi, Flirty, Fluid: Easy Burlesque Chair Routine – The Luvely Rae

This Fit, Fab, & Sexy Training invites you to slow down and tone up. In a noncompetitive environment, we invite you stop judging yourself and start moving. In fact we want you to keep moving no matter what. Together we’ll stretch, flex, bump, and grind while moving to music that makes you want to flirt. Increasing your flexibility and toning your muscles. This a nice compliment to Burlesque Virgin and Bombshell Burlesque training Suitable for anyone looking to create more fluid motion in their routines, improve improvisation, or increase physical ability. If your Yoga class is boring you or you are tired of Pilates, then try Flexi, Flirty, Fluid.

No dance experience required.

Note: This training is good for improvisation and is designed for flexibility & core strengthening.

What to expect:

Unwind while stretching to sultry songs
Learn to trust your own creative movements
Tone your legs
Strengthen your abdominal muscles
Tone Up your arms
Firm up your Gluts
Learn to improvise

Perfect for dames looking to:

Increase flexibility
Increase confidence
Improve ability to move with fluidity and rhythm
Improve Posture
Stress Relief
Make friends
Feel fabulous and sexy

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